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GBA Letter - Sales Team to market computers to businesses...

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Chi Ling Wong 1818 Oak Tree Boulevard The Woodlands, TX 77384 Phone: 281-777-8888 E-mail: [email protected] June 26 th , 2009 K B HERRERA DIRECTOR HUMAN RESOURCES HEWCOW COMPUTERS INC 7750 MACARHTUR BOULEVARD IRVING TX 75038 Dear Director Herrera Please review my qualifications for the International Sales Representative position listed June 22 on the announcement appeared on HewCom’s Employment Opportunities Page on the Web. As a current Sales Representative at Best Buy, I continue developing excellent oral communication skills while working with customers and making suggestions for computer equipment to meet customers’ needs. Also by working at Best Buy, I have accumulated knowledge of computer hardware, accessories, and Microsoft Word & Excel 2007. My experience assisting customers by answering their questions, and being part of a team has polished my excellent interpersonal relationship skills with consumers. While living in Taiwan for a year, I learned Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese, which will be an asset to your Asian
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Unformatted text preview: Sales Team to market computers to businesses in similar regions. HewCow Computers will benefit from my appreciation of these cultures. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a marketing major at Sam Houston State University. My minor in Management Information Systems, and understanding of Microsoft Excel will help maintain present accounts within the company. With my experiences in advanced marketing courses, and my public speaking expertise will be an asset to the marketing of HewCom Computer’s products. After you review my qualifications on the resume enclosed, would you grant me an interview to discuss the possibility of working and traveling for HewCow Computers Inc? You can reach me or leave a message at 281-777-8888 or E-Mail at: [email protected] . Sincerely Chi Ling Wong Enclosure...
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GBA Letter - Sales Team to market computers to businesses...

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