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July 2, 2009 FROM: [email protected] TO: [email protected] SUBJECT: Re: Conference Attendees Overcharge for Rooms Dear Able Alvarez: Your effort to save your customers money is comprehensible. As you know, we appreciate your business with us, and hope this experience was satisfying. The contract, however, states that the participants had to reserve their rooms at least 30 days in advance. I’ve looked at the list of all the 131 participants you’ve gave me, and they all reserved their rooms within 10 days ago. Our policy states that our resort will block off a specified
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Unformatted text preview: number of rooms for 30 days prior to the first convention day. After that, the blocked rooms become available to the public. We have this policy to avoid having unused rooms and maximize capacity. This enables us to lower our convention rates, and ensure that we have lowest rates. As you can see from our contract, we cannot refund the 131 customers. We look forward to your future business. Running a convention that contains 1,300 participants is quite an accomplishment. There is plenty of profits to be made. Congratulations. Sincerely Lebron James Director of Convention Services...
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