test review gba 389 - Test 1 Review On True/False...

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Page -1- Test 1 – Review On True/False questions, I want to know if the statement is True or False, not if it should or should not be done. 1 A display of anger in a letter helps in achieving the objective of a letter only when the objective is to antagonize the reader. a. True b. False 3 Because space adds emphasis, you can emphasize the point by placing it in a long, involved sentence so that it stands out. a. True b. False 5" Why not try our lawn-care equipment ?" is an example of negative writing. a. True b. False 8 Sometimes the weaker and less vigorous words serve your needs best. a. True b. False 9 The shorter sentences are especially useful for de-emphasizing information. a. True b. False 10 Even though a specific company consistently makes unethical decisions, it will prosper in the long run. a. True b. False 14 Even a smile does not mean the same to people of every culture. a. True b. False 15 When business people from different countries communicate and both understand the language used, the effects of cultural differences are eliminated. a. True b. False 18 The ease with which an email can be replied to makes it easy to avoid creating personal friction.
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test review gba 389 - Test 1 Review On True/False...

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