GBA 389 6-25 - b Goal to get an interview c Organizational...

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1. General Information a. Job Sources i. The web ii. SHSU career services/career fairs iii. Networking—contacts who can help you find work iv. Walk in v. Placement Agencies b. Product – YOU (analyze) i. What do you have to offer? ii. How can you fulfill what the company needs in an employee? 1. Match your skills and abilities to the company needs. 2. Resumes a. Arrangement i. Chronological (Reverse) 1. Basic date order (most recent 1 st ) 2. Descriptions with entries (proof is with entry) ii. Functional 1. Arrange around list of skills, abilities, and accomplishments iii. Combination b. Types i. Set up for the human eye 1. --- good eye appeal ii. Set up for scanning 1. Easy to scan, nothing fancy iii. Set up for email or webs 1. Very simplistic in appearance c. Examples i. Job packet ii. Textbook 3. Letter of Application / Cover Letter a. What it does i. Introduces you to employer ii. Provides cover for the resume 1. Interprets resume; not just a word for word repeat of resume
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Unformatted text preview: b. Goal: to get an interview c. Organizational Plan i. Apply for a particular type of work 1. Specific Position (have a job title) 2. General Area ii. Tell where learned of position iii. Indicate why interested in position, company, products 1. Indicate you know something about the company iv. Relate education work experience or other particulars to the job desired 1. Stress what you can bring to the employer 2. Be Specific (1 to 2 keys things) – When telling about skills, abilities, etc., tell where you got them 3. Aim for the “YOU ATTITUDE” a. How what you have can be used by the company 4. Look for things previous jobs that some way relate to the job sought 5. Refer to the resume at some point 6. Ask for an interview a. Be flexible b. Repeat phone number c. Indicate when can be reached d. Tell when will be in city 7. Length --- Not more than one page...
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GBA 389 6-25 - b Goal to get an interview c Organizational...

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