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Kobe Bryant Prewriting Outline 1. Intro: Getting my first job a. Age: 18 years old b. The date: April 20 th , 2006 c. Reasons for: Learning responsibility, benefits me for the future d. Where at: Kroger 2. The Interview a. Location: The Kroger in Huntsville b. 1st interview of the day, I was nervous c. Interviewed by Ms. Murphy who hires for the district d. Went with my friend Matt who also wanted a job e. The interview was on a Saturday, I got a call on Tuesday 3. Orientation/Training a. Orientation was a week after interview b. It was at the Kroger in Conroe, Me and Matt went together c. Lasted 4 hours long, extremely boring d. We watched videos, and signed papers e. Training was at the Huntsville Kroger done on the computer f. It taught you the basics about sacking, I did it the Thursday after orientation 4. My First Day a. Was on Saturday, I worked at 8am-2:15pm b. I was pretty lost since it wasn’t busy because it was so early
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Unformatted text preview: c. All my coworkers were standing around talking while I didn’t know anyone d. Then it finally got really busy and I wasn’t used to the speed so I was slow e. Then a $374 order of groceries came up, and I wasn’t ready for that. I was trying to hurry when and find spots to put the groceries I sacked in the cart. I ended up putting a breakable glass container of pickles on the top of the cart where the handle was, and it fell and broke. I was really embarrassed. f. I panicked and started to pick up the glass with my hand and got yelled at for that 5. Conclusion a. Benefits: Extra money, learning how to work hard, responsibility b. I’ve been there for 4 months c. While other sackers have left, I’m the one who has stayed the longest...
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