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Tony Romo Outline a. Introduction a. Talk about how great the Cowboys are b. List all the stats, Good things about the Cowboys c. Give them the title America’s team. b. 1 st Paragraph a. Talk about management, previous owners, coaches b. How pure the organization is, then lead up to Jerry Jones c. Talk about Previous Coaches c. 2 nd Paragraph a. Talk about the players today b. Terrell Owens, distractions
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Unformatted text preview: c. Drew Bledsoe. .. their QB d. 3 rd Paragraph a. Talk about blue uniforms b. Stadiums c. Thanksgiving d. Talk about how they got the title America’s team. e. Conclusion a. Talk about how the team is corrupt b. Talk about how even though they have had bad examples, their franchise is still as pure as gold....
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