Code of Conduct - • Employees must treat customers and...

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Code of Conduct for Employees Jennifer Palmer ETH/125 November 11, 2010 Jennifer Gipon In my company, I would expect all employees to follow all rules that are applied to the code of conduct. Employees are required to read and sign the code of conduct contract to ensure that they completely understand and that they will be held accountable for their behavior. These rules will be followed in within the company or further action will be taken. Here are some examples of code of conducts I would use in my company. 1. Conflict of Interest All employees are required to act in a manner that will avoid loss or embarrassment to the company. 2. Confidentiality Employees are required to protect information that is confidential to their employer and continue after the employee leaves the company. 3. Privacy Employees must respect the privacy of customers and employee information. 4. Treatment of Other
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Unformatted text preview: • Employees must treat customers and fellow employees honestly, fairly, and an open matter. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. 5. Report Violation of Company Policy • To protect the company and employees, it is important to contact a supervisor or Human Resource when you are not sure of proper course of conduct. Complete a full report on any situation that may violate company policy. Violation of the code of conduct may be subject of termination. These are a few that I believe that are important to any company and what standards they should have for their employees. I selected each one of these conducts to insure the safety and understanding of my employees. I also want to express the importance of protecting my customer’s rights as well as my employees. I want the work environment to be safe with an open door policy to my employees....
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Code of Conduct - • Employees must treat customers and...

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