Characteristics of Orientailism, Prejudice and Discrimination

Characteristics of Orientailism, Prejudice and Discrimination

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Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice and Discrimination The difference between Muslims and Arabs is that Arabs are an ethic group, and Muslims are a religious group. Muslims follow the faith Islam. So what I get from the reading is that Muslims do not follow the same religion as Arabs do; ultimately making a distinct difference between Muslims and Arabs. I did not find a large amount of information about changes made to the policies the US has already made. I did find that now they will profile any Muslims or Arabic people so that they can have them on file. Another thing is that I found that the US really hasn’t made any legal changes, but we are not allowed to discriminate by the color, race, or religion of anyone. I do know that we should not judge any of them because not all Muslims and Arabic people are the same. One characteristic of orientalism is an inherent conflict between Christians and Muslims. Another characteristic would be how the mosque does not represent religious freedom and diversity or even a
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Unformatted text preview: curiosity but a foreign threat. Some ideas that I can come up is that we need to teach anyone we know, or anyone that we do not know in our towns and cities that it is not right to discriminate against anyone. Regardless of what religion, color, or ethnicity of the person; it is wrong and unfair to judge anyone or anything this way. I think it is a little hard with Muslims and Arabs because of the whole 9/11 thing. I even had a hard time not stereotyping anyone who resembled those subordinate groups. The fact is that not all Muslims and Arabs are terrorists, and we should welcome them in our country. Providing they have cleared our security standards. Then we should welcome then just as well as we welcome all immigrants. They have the right to be here and have whatever religion they prefer. So for me to promote tolerance would be a proactive way to help others not discriminate because of race, religion, or ethnicity....
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