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Religion in Schools - and Fourteenth Amendment it is a...

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Religion in Schools My personal position of prayer being permitted in public in schools is that is should not be permitted. There are so many different religions, types of prayer, and beliefs among families and having prayer in a public school could possibly cause numerous problems, issues, and conflicts. Conflicts among the teachers, students, and parents because either the prayer being practiced is not what is followed at home and/or is not understand by someone who is not familiar with the religion that is being practiced with the prayer. I also believe that there is not enough time during the hours the children are at school to be able to educate about the aspects of each religion so that none of the students are confused by the prayers. With what the standards are for the children today, and the entire curriculum that is being taught in the classes; there really could not be enough time to fit religion in also. The position of the courts is the same as mine regarding prayer in school. Due to the First
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Unformatted text preview: and Fourteenth Amendment it is a violation of a person’s rights to be forced to practice a religion that is not their own religion. This is why I believe that the parents of the students would have the most conflict with prayer being practiced in public schools. As listed in our book for this class, there are many other options available for students to practice prayer during schools hours. I am glad to know that the Department of Education has a guideline for schools. This helps the situation with religion in schools very much, and I can understand why these guidelines were formed. Yes, my personal position is consistent with a legal precedent. The first one mentioned in Chapter 6, SantaFe Independent School District v. Jane Doe. Prayer being forced upon the student’s during school functions, any and all, is not constitutionally proper and a violation to a person’s rights....
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Religion in Schools - and Fourteenth Amendment it is a...

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