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School Funding Issues What I could find out, and completely understand about the State of Ohio’s school funding when regarding public versus private schools was a little vast. Most of the monies Ohio receives for funding ultimately come from the taxpayers of Ohio. The total amount received from payroll taxes, property taxes, sales tax, and income taxes is 81.7%. A small percentage does go to private schools through a voucher program. I am not completely sure of the exact number of private schools in Ohio though. However, there are 611 local school districts in Ohio, as well as 49 joint vocational school units. The percentage of funding for private schools could be low due to the low amount of private schools. How I see this affecting Ohio’s school choice options is negatively. It is possible that the reason there are not as many private schools is because of the lack of funding for them. It could
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Unformatted text preview: become very expensive for some families to pay the full bill for private schooling. I have read a few posts by my classmates regarding the choice of private schools, and how it should be the parent’s sole responsibility to pay the bill themselves. I do not completely agree with this suggestion. There are circumstances that should be taken into consideration at times. Not every parent has access to good school systems within their assigned districts. Every parent wants what is best for their child, and education is on top of that list. If they are not able to pay for that education, and it is not within grasp, the only person who truly suffers is the children. If there is more programs and financial aid for these situations then no child will be left behind....
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