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Social Justice I believe that the terms in social justice in a multicultural classroom is making sure that the teachers are educating the students to treat each other fairly. Along with ensuring that each child who is different culturally is comfortable, and will participate in the classroom activities, and most importantly these students will have the same opportunities as the rest of the class. Social justice is not different from justice in a court room, equal rights, or the freedom to pursue a better life. It may have a different definition from the judicial systems term of justice, but ultimately it leads to the same outcome; equality. I would address these concerns in my classroom by making sure that first of all each of my students are treated fairly in the terms of education by me, and then each other. I would not
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Unformatted text preview: put a student that is from a different ethnicity in the back of the classroom just because they are not the same as me or as my students. By treating the students all equally I am setting an example for the rest of my students to do the same thing. The first thing that comes to mind regarding a strategy ensuring that each student is treated fairly, is educating my students about the different cultures. Showing and teaching them more about what makes them different, and why they are different, I believe would go a long way. It did with me when I was a young child learning the history of all different ethnic groups, I found all of the information really intriguing....
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