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Student - some students come from homes that have an...

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Student’s Social Challenges There are numerous societal issues that any student could be facing outside of the classroom. Narrowing down to three issues was not difficult. Some students who come from a single parent home are determined different from the “normal” ideal family structure. For those students are have both parents at home are not familiar with the aspects of only having one parent. It also leaves the children who only have one parent at home more sups stable to making bad choices. Another issue is religious or cultural backgrounds. What is not determined as anything different or weird often is misunderstood. Students who practice a different religion or have different cultural backgrounds often are the ones who are self-segregated sometimes. Also,
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Unformatted text preview: some students come from homes that have an abundant amount of drug abuse and violence. The role that I think schools should play ultimately is determined on the issues the school system is facing. If the issue is drug abuse by the students or even if the drug abuse is being done by the student’s family members. There should be more education added to the curriculum. If teachers were showing strategies regarding the after effects and outcomes of long time drug abuse, along with a strategy on making better decisions, might make a better impact on the students. Rather than just constantly using the slogan, “Say No to Drugs”. Educate them more as to why exactly they should say no to the drugs....
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