Testing a Theory - bugs and swimming during the summer time...

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Testing a Theory The theory that I am testing is "Why children behave differently during summer time compared to during the school year." The research method that I used was naturalistic approach. I have been observing their behavior ever since school started. Not only for this assignment, but for my own personal reasons. During the summer time my children seem more relaxed and lackadaisical. During the school year my children are not as relaxed and seem to be concerned about almost everything that happens in a day's time. My research method was similar to the methods that psychologist's use because I just paid attention to my children's actions. I also listened to what they would speak about amongst themselves, and what they would speak to me about. I found that the types of things that they would speak about during summer vacation was not the same things that would be spoken about during the school year. My children would be more concerned about playing outside, collecting
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Unformatted text preview: bugs, and swimming during the summer time. During the school year, my children have been more concerned about who their best friends are in class, what games they would play during recess, and what their schedules are for each day. There are a few things that I would do differently. The first thing that I would do is look more into what exactly goes on during their school days. What would make them more concerned about who their friends are, and see for myself what games they are playing at recess time. I can understand with my own common sense why the schedule factor could be explained. Children are on a set schedule during the school year, because of the schedule the is kept at school. However, I was also able to form my hypothesis about my children's other actions. I simply came up the idea that their environment is a key factor. Summer time is spent doing the exact type of things I mentioned; all done in a relaxed and lackadaisical way....
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Testing a Theory - bugs and swimming during the summer time...

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