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Testing Intelligence I was a little disappointed with my IQ score. I scored at 98, bringing me right under Average. Therefore, I was categorized as Lower Average, thus the disappointment. Knowing that I had 15 minutes to complete the test was a little overwhelming. During the test I believed the constant pressure to hurry so I would be able to answer all of the questions. I obviously do not react well under pressure during tests. I did not think or believe as if the test was biased or prejudice. I do not see how in any the test could be biased, what so ever. The test did not inlude any questions on the test that were showing signs of favorability. You answer each questions pertaining to certain categories, your
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Unformatted text preview: answers decide which category you belong in. It seems like a very simple, unbiased, or prejudiced test; question=answer=category. Tests like this need to be compared to other people. How else is there going to be a way to find out the different groups of intelligence? There needs to be some sort of database to compare each with one another. The only way I would have an issue is if my personal information was also being shared. This type of sharing can be compared to a Census. Instead of counting people, we are counting the answers from people....
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