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This year’s season finale of House ended so much better than the previous season finale’s. The writer’s did such a wonderful job of creating a cliffhanger finale. Dr House finally came to terms with the way he lives his life. This happens when a patient is faced with the same choice House had to make years ago. Save the leg and live life miserably , or amputate and live happily ; just minus one leg. This drastically changed Houses’ perspective on his life. After telling the patient his own story, he has a life altering realization. I can only wonder what the creative writers will bring us next year. Since Cuddy finally admitted her undying love for House. I am sure that the next season’s episodes will be just as great as last year’s season, or
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Unformatted text preview: even better than any years before. I can’t imagine though there will be as many love issues to work out as there was this year. Unless of course Cuddy changes her mind, and does not want to be with House anymore. House has not had as many love issues as Wilson, Chase, or Taulb though, especially Taulb. It will be very interesting what the writers will come up with them next year. I am confident though, that the next season will have a great story line just as this year did. Overall, I was very surprised how this season ended. Leaving all of the viewers wondering what will happen next....
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