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Submitting my paper to Writepoint became a tedious task in the end. Although the suggestions were helpful, over time I began to grow irritated. Some of the suggestions that Writepoint brought to my attention did not pertain to my paper. Maybe this is because I was not literally writing an essay. In my paragraph I included the statement “in my opinion”, which I know not to include in a genuine academic paper. Writepoint picked up on the statement, and I was advised that I am not to include any kind of
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Unformatted text preview: opinion in academic papers. On the other hand, Writepoint did inform me that I was being too passive when I used the word being. I had to correct that word more than once because I was trying to describe what one of the paragraphs I read was about. In all though, even with becoming a little irritating, I realized that Writepoint is an extremely helpful resource....
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