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I believe that the paragraph about wills was more effective in conveying information to readers, compared to the paragraph about people who have been denied credit. The author of the paragraph about wills informed me by providing examples of why acquiring a will is important, and how he or she did create a will. The sentence variety that the author used was not very good in my opinion though. When comparing the sentence variety and rhythm in the will paragraph, to the paragraph written about the reasons why someone could be denied credit, the paragraph about the importance of creating a will did have better
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Unformatted text preview: sentence variety and rhythm. Although neither paragraphs had the best sentence variety. I think that the story about denied credit did not use correct sentence length. The story about wills used short and simple sentences, thus leaving out detailing words. It could have included a few more details about why everyone does not have a will along with including some facts regarding what the percentage of people do not have a will; versus those who do not have one....
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