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Final exam paragraph 3 - feedback within minutes Before...

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The strategy I have come up with for using Writepoint in the future includes making sure that I pay close attention to what it suggested to me for correct. I noticed that Writepoint informed me to make corrections different parts of my writing; that did not necessarily need changed. It all depends on what form writing you are performing such as an academic paper, I assume. I am sure that over time I will become very familiar with using Writepoint, more so than I am presently. Surprisingly I received my
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Unformatted text preview: feedback within minutes. Before submitting your paper the website informed me that there may be a waiting time for results on days like today, Sunday, but I did not have to wait. I was very delighted that my paper completed so fast; considering I had to submit my paper more than once. I believe that paying close attention to what is suggested as an error possible time issues, is a good start as a strategy....
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