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Challenges There are two challenges that I will have with writing an academic paper. The first one is time management. I do tend to procrastinate with things, even if it is something that is important. I do know how important it is going to be to make sure that I put an adequate amount of time into writing an academic paper. If do not do this, I will most likely receive poor grade. The other challenge that I feel I will face is creativity. I feel that I will have a hard time keeping my readers interested in what I am writing. It is not that I do not have a large amount of ideas to put onto paper. Putting all of those ideas together while making sense will be hard for me to do. Then sometimes I run out of things to say. If I were able to put my opinions into my writings, I would not have a hard time at all. So time management and keeping my audience's attention throughout my paper are the two challenges that I will have to overcome to receive a satisfactory grade on my paper. I believe that I will be able to overcome these challenges.
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