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The topic I am choosing for my final paper is Renting an apartment is a option than buying a house. It has been a little hard for me to choose which point of view I am going to take regarding the topic. This is because I have experience with both sides of renting versus buying a house. It really all depends on the person, and the situation they are in at that point in life. Considering that I will be portray the point of view of why renting is better than buying a house. Some might disagree with this point of view, but that will leave my readers with the option of arguing my thesis statement. I also believe that since I am more familiar with renting a house, it will help me with my paper. I have never owned my own home. Although I have always heard that owning your own home is the better option, there are numerous reason why a person would disagree. In today's economy though, a ton of people have been forced into renting their homes. What I plan to accomplish in my paper is explaining why renting would be better for some
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Unformatted text preview: people. There are so many reasons why a person would choose renting over buying. Like I have already mentioned, it all depends on the person and their living situations. I will discuss why someone would not be able to buy a house right now, why they do not need to buy a house at the present time. I possibly also bring into my paper why some people are renting now who use to own their homes. Today's economy could be the reason why there are more renters than homeowners. I plan to do research the statistics of the ages, financial status, family size, work situations, and a person's health to see how many are renters versus homeowners. There may be other reasons to consider why a person would choose renting a home over owning a home. I plan to do exstensive research to find any other reasons why someone one rent over owning. This is because being a homeowner is suppose to be the American dream....
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