Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media

Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media - fantasy...

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Although all of The Twilight Saga books are fictional with a mystical story line; these books will be remember for many years. The Twilight Saga has become so surprisingly popluar in the past two to three years. Reminding all of us of the Harry Potter novels. Though both groups of books targeted different age groups; the overwhelming popularity reached out to all age groups. Including children, teenagers, young adults, and grown adults. I look back to my childhood, and the books that were popular then were part of the bubble gum culture of the 1980's. When my children are adults, they will remember the Twilight Saga, and even Harry Potter. Then relate those types of books to their childhood. Which does have a different type of culture. I call it the
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Unformatted text preview: fantasy and reality culture. I am positive there is a more specific name for it, but in my mind everything in today's media culture is either reality based, or fantasy based. Yes both are far from each other, but when one does not want to live reality, they are most likely to chose fantasy. I think that is why Twilight Saga and Harry Potter books have become so vastly popular. The only issues I can see coming from the fantasy part is the need for children to know how to decipher the difference between reality and fantasy. If this is not done, then there could possibly be all different types of issues for the children readers when they become adults....
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