Final Assigment - Final Assignment 1 Final Assigment...

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Final Assignment 1 Final Assigment HUM/176 07:02:37 Gerald Voltura
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Final Assignment 2 Part One If I were to be the chief editor of a major metropolitan newspaper, and just found out that one of my news reporters was not being completely ethical. Making up facts and fabricating stories is a serious offense in the media world. To handle this situation I would first talk to the reporter to get his or her side of the story. As a chief editor I am well aware of the role of delivering news to the public. The public depends on news reporters to report the truth, and if this is not done. Then news reporters will become even more untrustworthy in the eyes of our readers. I, as chief editor cannot stand for such a thing. After clarify the situation with my unethical reporter, and getting the truth from this person. I would most likely feel as if I should suspend the person from their duties as a reporter. In most cases a reporter that is caught fabricating stories, and making up facts would probably be fired. I am a second chance person. So the punishment that I would do first is giving breaking stories that would typically be covered by this reporter, to another reporter. I would make my untrustworthy reporter do a mundane job, that would drive them crazy. Having to stay in the office all day doing filing, or running office errands; would most likely do this to a person who is use to being out in the "happenings" of the world covering stories. Part of that punishment would include an apology to our loyal readers. I would make the
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Final Assigment - Final Assignment 1 Final Assigment...

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