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This article may be very useful to me in the future. I now know that I have a reference on how to get information on certain things. Such as if I am ever a victim of Identity Theft, or if there is a discrepancy on my credit report. I also have learned how things are done with my credit report. Along with what my rights are when it pertains to my credit report. Some future consequences of borrowing to much debt will eventually bury you if you let it get out of control. You will most like ruin your credit, stopping you from being able to do certain things. For instance, buy a new car without a cosignor, or even a house when the time comes. What takes only minutes to create, will take years to fix. Definitely not without a headache and hardship.
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Unformatted text preview: I plan on repaying my student loans, by first making sure that I can make the payment at that time. If not, I will most likely have my payments based on my income. This will all come in effect with my family’s buget. One positive thing that I can do to keep my student loans under control is make sure everything is always up to date with the loan holder. If I am having any problems with making my payments, I must stay in contact with the loan holder. While they do want their money back, they will also work with me. If I am not able to make the payments, I could either request a deferment or forbearance. The most important thing to do is to stay in contact with the loan holder....
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