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I actually agreed with the recommendation that was made for me. The Auto Calculator suggested that I purchase my next car. This of course makes perfect sense to me, because leasing does not seem feasible for my lifestyle. First off I have children. So any damages or stains that they would make would cost me money at the end of the lease. Believe me; children can be really messy sometimes. I could make the rule, No eating in the car, but there will be times when that rule would have to be broken. Not to mention all of the other circumstances that is involved with leasing a car. The recommendation did not change what I had previously thought about leasing vs. buying cars.
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Unformatted text preview: This is because I have always known that leasing a car has a lot more risks involved. Buying a car just basically means that you will have the same car longer than you would if you leased it. Yes I would follow the recommendation made by the calculator. I have never leased, and I don’t think now it is the time for me to try it out. When leasing a car there are just too many factors involved that could become expensive. I don’t mind having the same car for more than two years. I have owned the same car for longer than that now....
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