afm131 fall 2003 sample final

afm131 fall 2003 sample final - AFM 131, 2003 Midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: AFM 131, 2003 Midterm Examination, Professor Grant Russell Provided by the Accounting Students’ Education Contribution (ASEC) Put your last name here => UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO School of Accountancy ACC 131 - Final Examination Professor Grant Russell December, 2003 150 Minutes STUDENT NAME (print): STUDENT SIGNATURE: STUDENT ID: Instructions: 1. This test will run for 150 minutes. 2. Answer all questions in the space provided. Multiple choice questions should be answered on University of Waterloo alphabetic answer cards. 3. The examination has 5 questions. Present Value tables are provided at the end of the examination. Make sure that you have all of it! 4. Non-programmable calculators are acceptable. No other aids are allowed. 5. Turn in the entire examination for grading. Good Luck! Question Marks Allowed Marks Awarded 1 18 2 10 3 20 4 10 5 120 TOTAL 178 AFM 131 Final Examination December, 2003 Question One (18 marks) (a) Label and describe the levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Place in ascending order with the lowest level needs starting at one. (10 points) Label Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Page 2 of 6 pages AFM...
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This note was uploaded on 12/02/2010 for the course AFM 20220098 taught by Professor Sproule during the Spring '09 term at Waterloo.

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afm131 fall 2003 sample final - AFM 131, 2003 Midterm...

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