ID of unknown powder - Ethyl Acetate R f 40mm/55mm or 0.727...

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ID of unknown powder Shelley Hobbs In this experiment I used the unknown labeled H. The melting point of the unknown substance was 121 O -124 O C. This melting point matches with Benzoic Acid’s melting point. The unknown was soluble in acetone, and 2.5M NaOH but not in water. The TLC results were: Dichloromethane R f 1.5mm/62mm or 0.0242 Hexane R f 1.5mm/57mm or 0.026
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Unformatted text preview: Ethyl Acetate R f 40mm/55mm or 0.727 The IR data confirms that there is the presence of an OH group and a carbonyl group. Another IR was run with a known sample of Benzoic Acid and it was identical to the IR run on our unknown. The NMR showed peaks at 7.5 which tells us that there is a benzyl ring in the substance....
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