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Unformatted text preview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Problem Set No. 4 6.630 Electromagnetics Issued: Fall Term 2006 Due: Reading assignment: Section 1.5-1.6; J. A. Kong, Electromagnetic Wave Theory, EMW, 2005. Additional materials: Hertian dipole MATLAB scripts Problem P4.1 yzyzq0 qzqyxx(a) (b) Fig.1 For a z-oriented dipole (Fig.1 a) the far field expression of Eand Hare: E= k2 qcos(krt) sin H= kqcos(krt) sin 4r0 4rConsider two identical dipoles oriented as shown in Fig.1 (b). (a) What is the far field expression for E-field on the xyplane in the first quadrant? (b) What is the time average Poynting power at = 0 on the xyplane? Problem P4.2 Two Hertzian dipole antennas are located at (0,,0) and (0, d,0) with dipole moments p1 = q1land p2 = q2las shown in Figure 2. The two in phase dipoles are oriented in zand xdirection respectively. direction respectively....
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