Ps6 - 3 megawatts with a characteristic impedance of 500 Ω(two-wire line What is the peak voltage on the line after the break occurs Problem P6.2

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY± Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science± Problem Set No. 6 6.630 Electromagnetics Issued: Fall Term 2006 Due: Reading assignment : Section 2.1, 2.2; J. A. Kong, “ Electromagnetic Wave Theory ”. Problem P6.1 A break in a high-voltage DC power line occurs at z = 0 at time t = 0, as shown in Fig.1. The line was carrying a DC voltage V o and DC current I o before the break occurred. Assume that the tree is non-conducting. Power line Wind Power line Tree Fig. 1 (a) Sketch² I and V on the line at some time t after the break has occurred, but before any reflections from the source and load ends. The characteristic impedance of the line is Z 0 . (b) Consider a² 600 kV line, carrying a power of 10
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Unformatted text preview: 3 megawatts, with a characteristic impedance of 500 Ω (two-wire line). What is the peak voltage on the line after the break occurs? Problem P6.2 A very long transmission line with characteristic impedance Z 0 and wave velocity v = c has a shunt resistor of unknown vlue R L at an unknown location z = ± . A measurement of the voltage at the input, V ( t ), with a unit step generator applied to the line, yields the result shown in Fig. 2. ’ V + V + Z o V _ + u(t) Z o , v − V (t) R L ∞ z = 0 ² z = ± z V (t) 10 -8 sec t Fig. 2 (a) What is ± ? (b) What is R L ? (c) Sketch the voltage and current distribution on the line at the time t = 1 . 5 ±/v .± Week 7 Week 8...
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