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Waveguide± Setup: Standing Wave Indicator IN REC H.P. 8690A Sweep Oscillator Isolator Variable Atten. To HeathKit Amp. W/Speaker on it Long BNC cable Procedure: 1. Teflon with rectangular cross section: No matter the Teflon is straight, bent, or twisted, the horn will make sound, i.e. the wave can be guided by the Teflon. Place the parallel metal plates with the Teflon inside. The horn will not make
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Unformatted text preview: sound because the operating frequency is below the cutoF frequency of the TE 1 mode. On the contrary, the horn makes the sound for TM mode because the cutoF frequency for TM 0 mode is zero. 2. polystyrene with right angle shape: The horn makes sound even the polystyrene is in right angle shape, i.e. the wave is guided by the polystyrene. 1...
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