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dipole - When you apply the signal(2GHz while rotating the...

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Setup:± 4 Dipoles + 1 Aluminum Plate 4 Antennas 1 Antenna 1 2 3 4 MCL ZA4PD-4 6 dB Att Pad GR 1360-B ISO Heathkit /Speaker Standing Wave Indicator 7633 7A26 7A26 Pad Detector BNC to BNC 10 kΩ 10 turn Pot 15KΩ 1MΩ 6 Volts Lantern Battery Procedure: Connect the battery to horizontal Ch2 of the scope. Connect the small antenna first and connect the other four. Set the horizontal to the right of scope after you set the four antennas at zero degree position, the scope horiz should be far left corner.
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Unformatted text preview: When you apply the signal (2GHz) while rotating the four antennas from zero to 180 degrees, you should see peaks at 0 and 180 degree. You should keep the scope on “store” in order to see above-mentioned phenomenon. If the amplitude of the two signals at corner is low, you may increase it by adjusting the output level a bit to show better results. 1...
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