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Jasmine Fluker General Speech: Dr Susan Brown November 16 2010 Persuasive Speech Outine Cell Phones: A social disease? I. Introduction: Have the very devices that were adopted to give us freedom in fact enslaved us as a society? A. Attention Getter: When you get in your car, you reach for it. When you're at work, you take a break to have a moment alone with it. When you get into an elevator, you fondle it. In class it comforts you through boredom. Cigarettes? Cup of coffee? Nope, it's the third most addictive substance in modern life, the cell phone. And experts say it is becoming more difficult for many people to curb their longing to hug it more tightly than most of their personal relationships B. Thesis: As a society in the technological age we have become dependent on the multimedia devices we used to talk, social network, email and text on. C. Ethos: I, Jasmine Fluker have researched cell phone addiction through psychiatric journals, articles and a personal interview with Mrs. Edwina Hart Psy.d D. The chemical study of cell phone addiction, Different age demographics and their cell phone addiction and usage, Driving and Cellular usage, Signs symptoms of cellular addiction. II. The Chemical Study of Cellular Phone Addiction A. Dopamine is released when certain activities are performed on a cellular device which creates a “reward system” for the individual. B. Annals of Neurology recently published a study by Ferreri and colleagues that demonstrated excitation of the motor cortex during exposure to the lectromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cellular phones. 1. EMF reports after using a cell phone are the same as a cup of cofee. 2. The EMF waves cause a slight change in the brain in the brain which explains why some users have a feeling of anxiety after losing or being without their phone. III. Different age demographic and their cell phone Usage
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Outline - Jasmine Fluker General Speech Dr Susan Brown...

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