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Untitled Document - Ÿ Anything that produces dopamine in...

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Cell phone addition is defined as the inability of a person to live without their cell  phone . Ÿ Surveys indicate that more than 203 million Americans own a cell phone   and as  many as 30% say they cannot live without it. Ÿ Parallels have been made to everything from cigarette smoking and caffeine to  obsessive-compulsive spectrum disor ders, including pathologic gambling.
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Unformatted text preview: Ÿ Anything that produces dopamine in the brain may be addictive, therefore cell phones can cause this reward-like sensation. Ÿ Because cell phones transmit emf waves that stimulate the brain and can alter human brain cells and cause addictive side effects. Statistics via www.psychiatrictimes.com...
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