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1 PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY: EVOLUTION OF THE REVOLUTION Lecture 1 October 27, 2008 Freeman Dyson I predict that the domestication of biotechnology will dominate our lives during the next fifty years at least as much as the domestication of computers has dominated our lives during the previous fifty years. ..Freeman Dyson Unity Principle Infinite Germplasm Core Concepts Food: Cereals, legumes etc Feed: Plants to make milk and meat Fruit: Nutrition and disease prevention Fiber: Wood, paper, rayon, cotton Fuel: Biodiesel, biomass ethanol Farma: Plant produced pharmaceuticals Financial: Rubber, tea, coffee, cacao Fermentation: Wine, beer etc Biomass in forests and fields takes up carbon dioxide. It can be converted to low-carbon fuels, construction wood, and other products. Illustration by Brett Hopwood ( ). Why Plants?
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