Its yo ship foo - Brandon Baxter A Summary of Its Your Ship Captain D Michael Abrashoff is captain of the USS Benfold The Benfold is an Arleigh

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Brandon Baxter A Summary of “It’s Your Ship” Captain D. Michael Abrashoff is captain of the USS Benfold. The Benfold is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer in the United States Navy, carrying cutting edge military technology and a crew of 310 brave men and women. It’s Your Ship is a book to improve the managerial and supervisory skills of anyone that cares to learn. Compiling stories of his time as captain, Abrashoff tells of ways he changed the thinking not only aboard his ship but also throughout the naval fleet. When he became captain in 1997, the ship was known to have low productivity and seamen that couldn’t wait to depart the Navy. Shortly after arriving, things began to change for the better and the USS Benfold became “the best damn ship” in the Navy, a phrase he is not afraid to use throughout the book. Leadership A key aspect of It’s Your Ship is leadership. Early in the book Abrashoff writes much on this topic, from taking command to coming up with new techniques that are not necessarily “in the box”. Near the beginning in his career, Abrashoff had learned a lot of poor leadership techniques, but one of his role models outside of his family was Secretary of Defense William Perry. Abrashoff was selected to be Perry’s military assistant. During his time there his main task was to keep Secretary Perry on schedule, like all great leaders he was extremely disciplined, and
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gave Abrashoff the power to exert himself into conversation so they could be ended on time. There he learned a lot about politics and found out how to save money through acquisition of policies. He told himself that it was time the Navy changed and he would be the one to change it. “I told myself that it was important that I try to do this. I might never get promoted again, but I decided that the risk was worth it. I wanted a life I could be proud of. .. When I am ninety years old and hanging out at Leisure World, I don’t want to look bank on my life and say “If only I had…”” The day he took command he noticed the crew was not disappointed to see him go. From that, he knew that things had to change and so did his managerial techniques. No more following the bureaucratic norms, time to be a real leader, a new type of leader, the best damn leader possible. Leaders must be willing to put the ship’s performance of their own egos. While being liked is not a high desire of many captains, he needed to be respected, trusted, and effective, and to do that he had to create a new leadership model. One problem he encountered was the reenlistment rate. The hardest thing to do these days is retain employees, especially your best. To figure out why people were leaving the Navy, he read through some exit surveys submitted by those who had departed. The top reason was not being treated with respect or dignity, then came, not being listened to or heard, and lastly not being rewarded with more responsibility. To that, he decided to focus his leadership labors on encouraging people to
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Its yo ship foo - Brandon Baxter A Summary of Its Your Ship Captain D Michael Abrashoff is captain of the USS Benfold The Benfold is an Arleigh

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