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• The Karnaugh map (K map) is a graphical tool usedto simplify a logic equation or to convert a truthtable to its corresponding logic circuit in a simple,orderly manner. The truth table gives the value of output x for each combination of input values. If two cells have the same value and are next to each other, the terms are adjacent. Single cells or groups that could be part of a larger groupare known as implicants A group that is as large as possible is a prime implicant. (Cannot be combined with withanother term to eliminate avariable). Any set of implicants that encloses (covers) all values (1’s) is “sufficient ”; • If a prime implicant has any cell containing 1 (i.e. a minterm) that cannot be covered by any other prime implicant , it is an “essential prime implicant” • If a prime implicant is not essential it is a “secondary prime implicant”. Do not care :For expression minimization, don’t care values (x) can be assigned either 0 or 1
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