MIDTERM_2_ANSWERS - MIDTERM 2 ANSWERS 1. Aspirin works well...

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MIDTERM 2 ANSWERS 1. Aspirin works well to relieve arthritis, acetaminophen reduces fever. 2. The drug ranitidine (Zantac) fits into histamine receptors in stomach and blocks acid-releasing effect of histamine. 3. ASA interferes with production of prostaglandins responsible for production of acid in stomach. 4. Some drugs not developed because of lack of enough patients to make it profitable. 5. Reye Syndrome thought to be triggered by aspirin. Applies only to young people. 6. Drugs always tested for safety on healthy people. 7. Heroin is a synthetic derivative of morphine. 8. Morphine is physically addictive. 9. Average amt of money spent per doctor to advertise prescription drugs: $15 000 10. Possible for a company to sell the same drug both under a brand name and a generic name at different prices; same drug can be sold at very diff prices in diff countries. 11. Orphan Drug Act of 1983 provides financial incentives for companies to work on cures for diseases few have 12. Dioxin is considered a super-toxic substance because it kills guinea pigs in smaller doses than any other synthetic compound. 13. Prontosil was first antibacterial drug 14. FDA has a series of priorities that it uses to judge a new drug which include whether it is a new chemical entity, a new formulation for an old drug (like a patch) or a new combo of two drugs not marketed this way before. 15. A computational chemist works to determine the size and shape of a drug using high-speed computers to make the approximation 16. Some antibiotics tie up cytrochrome-450 causing seldane to build up causing heart irregularities. 17. Top selling drug in NA is for cholesterol lowering. 18. Placebo effect concerns about 30% of participants in a study. 19. Patent medicine era was approximately from 1850 to early 1900’s. 20. Doctrine of Signatures is the association of a disease and a plant of some kind. 21. N-Acetylcysteine is used to counter an overdose of acetaminophen by increasing stores of glutathione; acts like methionine. 22. Celebrex, a new pain relieving medication, blocks the Cox 2 receptor sites associated with pain, while leaving Cox 1 sites associated with stomach pain unaffected. 23. Thalidomide is effective for treatment of cancer. 24. Quinine is found mainly in bark of chinchona trees. 25. Life expectancy for a newborn male at turn of 1900s: 47. 26. Smallpox considered to be eradicated in the world today. 27. Jackob Bohme was largely responsible for Doctrine of Signatures involving a relationship between a creation of God and its purpose – like walnuts for the brain and bloodroot for curing blood diseases.
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28. William Withering wrote first account about proper dosages for congestive heart failure – used foxglove extract. 29. Most prescriptions in Canada are written for pain – Tylenol with codeine. Ulcers.
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MIDTERM_2_ANSWERS - MIDTERM 2 ANSWERS 1. Aspirin works well...

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