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Lecture Notes-Oct 8 - *MIDTERM EXAM ROOM CHANGE ROOM 1100...

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**MIDTERM EXAM ROOM CHANGE – ROOM 1100** Lecture Notes October 8 th Up until now, looking at motivation by looking at peoples needs; Laslow’s hierarchy of needs, McClelland’s needs, etc. Now, theory of motivation that’s based on the notion that motivation can be attained from the work itself (intrinsic and extrinsic motivation) By using a concept called “job enrichment”, we can motivate and get people passionate about what they do in such a way that they’re doing things that they enjoy doing by organizing the work that they do in a certain way. This study was done in order to find out what it is employees really want From the perception of a manager, what does a manager think employees want? They came up with this list…. (In order): What managers think employees want : 1. Good pay 2. Job security 3. Promotion and growth 4. Good working conditions 5. Interesting work 6. Tactful discipline 7. Loyalty to employees 8. Full appreciation of work done 9. Help with personal problems 10. Feeling of being in on things The study found that what employees really wanted was (in order): 1. Interesting work* 2. Full appreciation of work done* 3. Feeling of being in on things (sense of belonging, knowing what’s going on)* 4. Job security 5. Good pay 6. Promotion and growth 7. Good working conditions 8. Loyalty to employees 9. Feeling of being in on things 10. Tactful discipline (i.e. instead of the boss yelling at you in front of everyone else, he yells at you in your own office) We can conclude that work itself, the way work is structure, can in fact be motivation, if an employer takes advantage of the fact that people are doing work that they find interesting, they’re motivated by appreciation, and that they’re included – given the info they need to do their job, to contribute to the well being of the organization.
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The Job Characteristics Model . (Pg. 202 in textbook) Core Job Characteristics : o Skill variety – the number of different skills you’re required to do/have to get your job done. Someone who uses many different skills will find the work that they do more motivating and interesting, feel more energy to get the work done other than getting bored by using only one skill. o
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Lecture Notes-Oct 8 - *MIDTERM EXAM ROOM CHANGE ROOM 1100...

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