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RELG 201: Religions of the Ancient Near East Final exam (30%) In your own words , and by using only your class notes (including my power point presentations and the course pack), answer two of the three questions below (in 2-3 pages each, “1.5 spacing” in English formatting). Your answers must have an introduction and a conclusion. Don’t cite my notes; give your own interpretation of them. Be clear in your argumentation and give details to support your affirmations. You must return your exam by Thursday December 4
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Unformatted text preview: th , before 5 pm, in my box at the Birks building (3520 University street). Good luck! *** 1. Explain what divination is. It wasn't used much in ancient Egypt - what do you think might explain this? 2. The conception of life and death were very different in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Discuss the differences. 3. The role of the king and his position were not the same in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Discuss the differences....
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