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PSYC_100_Exam_1_Study_Guide - PSYC 100 Exam 1 Study Guide...

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PSYC 100 Exam 1 Study Guide Scientific Method What is a theory? What is a prediction? What is empiricism? Variables – what is an independent variable? Dependent variable? Extraneous variable? How can extraneous variables be controlled? Limitations of experimental research o Some areas of the human mind/behavior may be too complex to manipulate o Experiments in lab settings might not translate to the real world o May be unethical to manipulate some variables Correlational research o Positive vs. negative correlations o Major limitation of correlational research What is preferred — correlational or experimental research? Biopsychology Parts of a neuron and their functions When does a neuron react in an “all or none” manner vs. a “graded” manner? How a neuron fires How does a neuron transmit information about intense stimuli? What are neurotransmitters?
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