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Language Development: Phonology – SOUNDS, structure and sequence Semantics – MEANING of words Grammar Syntax: sentence order and structure Morphology: rules for forming “proper” language Pragmatics – communication with others Which comes first – language production or language reception? Language reception Holophrases: age 1 2-word phrases: age 2 Child-directed speech used to be called parent ease/mother ease Deviation anxiety: children may not keep themselves from doing a bad thing, but
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Unformatted text preview: they know that what they’re doing is not a good thing Congnitive egocentricism: everyone believes the same things I believe and think the same things Perceptual: not understanding anyone can have a different view Scripts and schemas for social interactions Love and structure=2 most important things according to steinberg! Authoritarian and Permissive are bad – auth: militant, permis: neglect KNOW PRINCIPLES 5-7!!!...
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