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1. Relative location describes a location by telling what it is near or what is around it. For example, Illinois is west of Indiana and south of Wisconsin. Absolute location describes an exact location by using latitude and longitude coordinates. For example, the absolute location of Chicago is 42°N latitude and 87°W longitude. 2. Formal regions are those that are designated by official boundaries, such as cities, states, counties, and countries. For the most part, they are clearly indicated and publicly known. Functional regions are defined by their connections. For example, the circulation area for a major city area is the functional region of that paper. The first type is the formal region. It is characterized by a common human property, such
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Unformatted text preview: as the presence of people who share a particular language, religion, nationality, political identity or culture, or by a common physical property, such as the presence of a particular type of climate, landform, or vegetation. Political entities such as counties, states, countries, and provinces are formal regions because they are defined by a common political identity. The second type of region is the functional region. It is organized around a node or focal point with the surrounding areas linked to that node by transportation systems, communication systems, or other economic association involving such activities as manufacturing and retail trading. 3....
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