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PUAF Midterm Review - PUAF Review Chapters 1 and 3 and the...

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PUAF Review - Chapters 1 and 3, and the 16 communication principles, and the committees Legislators of the general assembly are elected every 4 years, Page 3 chapter 1: Extra Credit Exam question taken from this material dealing with the history of the state in relationship with the general assembly When general assembly begins: 2 nd weds of January Ends: 90 days later How its extended and for what purpose: may extend session up to an add’l 30 days by a resolution passed by a 3/5 vote of the members of each house. happens if the state budget doesn’t pass by the 83 rd day What a special session is and how that’s called: From time to time, issues requiring official legislative action arise during the interim. The Maryland Constitution requires the Governor to issue a proclamation convening a special session of the legislature when a majority of the members of each house joins in a petition for a special session. Other provisions of the constitution permit the Governor to call a special session of the legislature or the Senate only. A special session is limited to 30 days and may consider any topic or purpose with which the General Assembly may be concerned at a regular session. Since 1970 the General Assembly has met in 13 special sessions, the latest in June 2006. Legislative interim: period between the sessions April until first week in January -during this period there are no bills that are voted on, straw votes, bills can only be voted on and moved/killed during the legislative session Page 4 More info on a special session, since 1970-13 special sessions, usually involve a crisis situation, last one was the medical malpractice crisis Know presiding officers of the house in the senate know how many representatives each body has: senate: 47 house:141 (NOT on test but critical to know about in general, reapportionment; done at the state level) Session can only be extended for budgetary reasons, if the state budget does not pass by the 83 rd day, the government must issue an extension…90 th day, etc (PAGE 4)
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Page 5 Chart is very important, plays out the members of the house of the senate, presiding officers, chief of the house and secretary of the senate ** standing committees—NEED to know for the test, have to get the names correct -(ex: judiciary or judicial won’t work, it’s judicial proceedings committee, etc.) Budget and Taxation Education and Health n the Environment Finance Affairs Judicial Proceedings Rules and… House Committees Economic Matters Environmental Matters Ways and Means Powers and Duties of the General Assembly: Generally Unrestricted powers limited by two things 1-US Constitution 2-Maryland Constitution Can pass any law unless it runs a foul against the US or State constitution Generally assembly shares its power with home rule counties (ie: Prince George’s, Montgomery), and they pass other public laws that affect just that jurisdiction Only 2 Laws that MUST be at the discretion of the entire state 1-Regulating elections MUST be a state law, even if it only deals with one city,
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PUAF Midterm Review - PUAF Review Chapters 1 and 3 and the...

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