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Katie's Study Guide

Katie's Study Guide - Study Guide for final BMGT 498B Fall...

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Study Guide for final BMGT 498B - Fall 2009 1) Be prepared to give me 20 words that you could use instead of the word 'GREAT' in marketing communications that would have a similar meaning while instilling trustworthiness towards the company in the consumer's mind - awe-inspiring, awesome, breathtaking, daunting, exceptional, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, glorious, grand, impressive, marvelous, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing, moving, outstanding, perfect, prime, ravishing, sensational, superb, striking, stunning, stellar, splendid, stupefying, super duper, tremendous, terrific, wonderful, wondrous, cool, awesome 2) Be prepared to write a short essay question on why the Apple iPod has become the quintessential modern-day business icon. References to the book Do You Mattter? will be appreciated. *Insert answer* 3) Be prepared to write a short essay on how you plan on using what you learned in this class in your professional career . *Insert answer* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - * Website content - What do your visitors want? What information do you want to provide?What do similar organizations provide? What do you already have?What do you need to create? -E-Commerce: Arrange in 2-3 columns of text, Product info is much more than just the essentials, Customer reviews, videos, blogs -Group corporate information all together under “About Us”, Paragraphs should be 4- 8 lines long, Use wide margins, Remember, middle of screen is most valuable real estate, When communicating facts use bullets -Avoid acronyms, use anchors for a lot of text or tabs, skip jargon- use conversational tone * Writing for the internet- use a site map with hierarchy and about 7 groups. Don’t use jargon, or all CAPS. Proofread everything. Make sure font is 10 or higher, 3” – 5” length of text, try to keep font SANS SERIF. *Including photos on a site- It’s good to do! *What design features in the workplace encourage innovation and creativity? Use higher ceilings, Use non-traditional palette of colors, Break down hierarchical barriers between managers and knowledge workers, Lower height of cubicle
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partitions *Designing for government- (Based on funding) Must prove you can meet requested product specifications, Significant quantity of product needs to come from the U.S, End-users need to give input and approve designs, Products must meet stringent testing from outside agencies to confirm lifetime value -In addition, must consider the state’s preferences—they’re all different. Won’t see many traditional desks in the West and East coasts Government agencies also differ—Majority of judicial branches and military offices prefer traditional wood furniture Some of the newer, more forward thinking government agencies are looking for LEED certification which affects design. Higher profile government agencies will change offices more frequently to retain talent -Privacy and security for the worker and their projects are very important in government offices, security clearance levels differ. Certain agencies require special products- FAA needs larger work surfaces to manage multiple monitors
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Katie's Study Guide - Study Guide for final BMGT 498B Fall...

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