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 Quiz 1 - 1. Julio, an immigrant from Hondouras...

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1. Julio, an immigrant from Hondouras with limited English skills shows signs of having a learning disability and is referred for assessment. Which major provision in the IDEA would apply to the school’s assessment procedure in Julio’s case? Major Provision #2: Nondiscriminatory and Multi disciplinary Assessment 2. The categories of learning disabilities, speech and language disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders and mental retardation (Intellectual Disabilities) make up approximately _______ percent of all children with disabilities receiving services under the IDEA. 88% 3. If Peter were born 80 years ago, he would have likely been medically labeled as a/ an ____________, received educational services in ________________________ and may even have been _________________ so that he could not father a child. Defectives (1) Sterilized (3) 4. The federal law that became the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in 1990 was originally called ______________________. Education For All Handicapped Children Act 5. In the movie “King Gimp”, Dan Keplinger exhibited an incredible amount of self- determination to complete school and live independently. Why is self-determination
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 Quiz 1 - 1. Julio, an immigrant from Hondouras...

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