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GEO Study Guide- His - Geography Review Study Guide(Asia...

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Geography Review --- Study Guide (Asia) Knowledge of geography is essential to understand of World history. After all, what is the meaning of learning about Chinese history without knowing where it is? You will also see during this course that geography has played a crucial part throughout history. Next, you will ask, “Why am I being made to learn about current countries rather than historical ones?” Studying present-day nations provides a point of reference within your own time period. Political boundaries are artificial, and change over time. If you compare the map of the world in 1914 and 2001, you will immediately notice the difference. Yet, the political boundaries are not necessarily arbitrarily lines on a map. Political boundaries oftentimes correspond with geographical features such as rivers and mountains, which serve as the borders between nations. Political units also often reflect different cultural and ethnic identities of people living in a particular area. Part I . Identify all counties and geographical features and place them on the blank maps provided. Use a current map or atlas (The world map found in your textbook is not recommended). You need to use both a political map and physical (topographical) map. If you can’t find certain item, use index. If after trying you still cannot find all the features, ask your instructor for assistance. If you don’t know the commonly used geographical terms such as “peninsula” and “isthmus”, look them up in a dictionary. Ask yourself a question such as “Is the item I am looking for a city, country or physical feature?” A. Countries (current boundaries)/ Islands Russia
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  • Fall '07
  • Bartlett
  • World History, Caspian Sea, River Indus River Ganges River Tigris River Euphrates River Volga River Caspian Sea Aral Sea Lake Baikal Lake Balkhash Red Sea Persian Gulf Indian Ocean Strait, River Indus River

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GEO Study Guide- His - Geography Review Study Guide(Asia...

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