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HIST Study Guide 2 - IDs Five Pillars Who Muslims...

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IDs: Five Pillars Who : Muslim’s principles of Islam What : Since Muslim’s very name is defined as “one who has submitted”, there are five principles Muslims do to submit to God. 1. Avowal that there is only one God (Allah is the only God) and Muhammad is his messenger 2. Prayer five times a day (facing Mecca) 3. Fasting during the lunar month of Ramadan (fasting from dawn to sunset) 4. Paying alms (donate 2/5% or more of income to build Mosque, help poor Muslims, etc) 5. Making the pilgrimage to Mecca atleast once during one’s lifetime Where: Mecca and Medina Four Nobel Truths Who : Budda’s guide and teaching to end suffering to obtain nirvana What : 1. All life involves suffering 2. Suffering arises from desire 3. The Solution to suffering lies in curbing desire 4. Desire can be curbed if a person follows the “Eightfold Path” Where : Buddhism originated with rich chieftain’s son, Sakayamuni Nepal area of present India When: 563-483 AD How : Sakayamuni or later known as “The Buddha” or the “The Awakened One” noticed the suffering of poor and sick from his prestigious station and life and abandoned his life to understand more of this suffering The Fourth Crusade Who: What: Where: When: How: Steppe Who: What: Where: When: How:
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Prince Shotoku Who: Japanese Emperor heavily influenced by the “continental culture” What: Played a key role in adopting continent culture as of result of Korea acting as a bridge from island Japan. He also sent envoys to China for importing the technologies
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HIST Study Guide 2 - IDs Five Pillars Who Muslims...

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