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CHEM 1151 Important topics to revisit for the Final Exam These are the *big* topics we’ve covered this semester. Note that all topics are fair game and the best way to study is to consider all four of the “test objective” sheets and worksheets we’ve done. But this list should serve as a “Definitely don’t forget to look at these topics” list. Classification of matter (element, compound, mixture) Significant figures Metric prefixes (n, μ, m, k, M) Conversions (given the conversion factor) Structure of the atom (proton, neutron and electron) Locate groups on the periodic table Differentiate ionic, polar covalent and covalent bonds Predict chemical formula for an ionic compound Naming of covalent, ionic (w/transition metals and polyatomic ions) and organic For covalent compounds: o Draw Lewis structure that corresponds to the octet rule o Determine molecular shape using VSEPR theory o Determine if a molecule is polar Convert mass to moles and the reverse
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