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HIST 1110 Professor Zhang Reading Report 10/01/2010 Raeshon Botkin-Greenlee Understanding Islam and the Muslims As a Westerner with limited knowledge of Islam, there are many aspects of the religion I have yet to learn. Reading the article from, I learned of Islam’s surprisingly similar historical origins, shared prophets as well the West’s misnomers of the religion. I think I have always assumed Islam and Christianity to be an “east” and “west” religion, or two polar opposite religions. I think this misconception is due the recent media coverage of the war on terrorism Middle East and the media coverage depicting a separatist “us” versus “them” mentality. And yet, in regards to Islam’s origins, it shares roots with that of Judaism and Christianity. Geographically the holy cities for each of these main religions are all found in the Middle East. Although, Islam predates Christianity; the religion shares many things in common. The only prophet I knew Muslims to believe in is Muhammad. Yet to my surprise,
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Unformatted text preview: Muslims believe in many of the same prophets found in the Christian Bible including: Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus. These were all men used to reveal God’s message to man but the final message was God’s exact words given to Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. This message became the Quran. Thus, since Muhammad spoke the exact words of God, Muslims revere him. Moreover, I better understand why Islam may be misunderstood in the West. As Americans, we have had a long tradition of separation of church and state. This became a precedent of early Christendom deriving the days of Reformation. And as a result, it is hard to understand that religion is apart of every facet of one’s life. So to many westerners, it may seem odd or even fanatical that the religion is apart of the government as well. We have different philosophies and ultimately hold them all in different regards....
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