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HIST 1110 Professor Zhang Reading Report 11/12/2010 Raeshon Botkin-Greenlee “The Nanjing Massacre and its Historical Witnesses” When one thinks of a holocaust, the Nazi slaughter of the Jews often comes to mind. So it did come as I surprise for me to learn that another holocaust occurred during the same time in history. This holocaust took place in a country many do not even know played a major part in the Second World War. A place, many westerners like myself, would last expect. The other holocaust of World War II took place in China. According to website,, “The Nanjing Massacre” occurred as a result of the Japanese invading China in 1937. After the Japanese invaded the Chinese capital of Nanjing, there were many terrible, war crimes. Many tactics of terror were employed by the Japanese including arson, lootings, raping/ gang raping as well as bombings. And when mass destruction was not enough, mass murder was used indiscriminately. During the Nanjing Massacre, over 300,000
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