Chapter 6 practice test 2007

Chapter 6 practice test 2007 - Chapter 6 Open Book Practice...

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Chapter 6 Open Book Practice Test Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. The illusion of movement in animated neon signs is known as: A) the phi phenomenon. B) relative motion. C) retinal disparity. D) visual capture. E) interposition. 2. As the farmer looked across her field, the parallel rows of young corn plants appeared to converge in the distance. This provided her with a distance cue known as: A) proximity. B) linear perspective. C) closure. D) continuity. E) interposition. 3. In foggy weather, automobile drivers are especially likely to be misled by the distance cue known as: A) interposition. B) convergence. C) relative motion. D) relative clarity. E) relative size. 4. Holding two index fingers in front of the eyes can create the perception of a floating finger sausage. This best illustrates the effect of: A) convergence. B) relative clarity. C) retinal disparity. D) interposition. E) visual capture. 5. The study of phenomena such as clairvoyance and telepathy is called: A) parapsychology. B) Gestalt psychology. C) human factors psychology. Page 1
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psychokinesis. E) ESP. 6. In order to give greater depth to his painting, Shakir enveloped the background landscape in a misty haze. Shakir was making use of the distance cue known as: A) texture. B) relative clarity. C) interposition. D) closure. E) proximity. 7. Although he was wearing a pair of glasses that shifted the apparent location of objects 20 degrees to his right, Lars was still able to play tennis very effectively. This best illustrates the value of: A) retinal disparity. B) perceptual set. C) shape constancy. D) visual capture. E) perceptual adaptation. 8. The perception that Bugs Bunny is hopping across a movie screen best illustrates: A) visual capture. B) retinal disparity. C) perceptual adaptation. D) the Ponzo illusion. E) stroboscopic movement. 9. When Rick learned that many students had received a failing grade on the midterm exam, he was no longer disappointed by his C grade. His experience best illustrates the importance of: A) perceptual adaptation. B) bottom-up processing. C) relative clarity. D) context effects. E) interposition. 10. After reading her horoscope in the morning newspaper, Sabrina readily interpreted numerous experiences of that day as clear verifications of its accuracy. This best illustrates the dangers of: A) visual capture. B)
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Chapter 6 practice test 2007 - Chapter 6 Open Book Practice...

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